Saturday, March 10, 2018

Abandoned House - Inside - TWZ v0.72 & Adding more details

Good day lads! My last sneak peek was about an abandoned house, but how does it looks inside? Is it dark there? Yes it's dark, but not totally dark! Imo letting an area completely dark is just a lazy level design. I love to play a lot with the lighting effects to make the scene more interesting and realistic. I totally forgot to add details inside the house when I started to optimize, but now it's finally complete:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Optimization in Level Design - Halfway done!

Hi folks! It's been a while and a Happy New Chinese Year! Well, I finished the main parts of the level before 2018 lol, yes!!!... and there is still sooo much to do! I made the last section that will connect my two seperated maps into one! I will reveal that part at the final stage and some other secret stuff to create a small hype since I won't create any more content.

What I'm currently focusing is optimization and it's already halfway done :) The map has very long open roads which renders a lot of stuff!
It's a time consuming process, but it's worth it since the map is so big with very long roads and wide areas... so every FPS counts!
Here is an example of a bad FPS spot: (Stuff gets rendered behind the buildings)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Status Report - What I have been doing lately

Hi survivors! It's been a while I know... So I will give you a short summary what happened in the last month. I manage to build my pc with the parts I brought from Amazon and it worked without any issues! I brought a new monitor and will be using 2 monitors when I mod! This will speed up my workflow a bit. I also can edit and convert videos much faster than ever before so I may continue to upload some new videos in the future.

I haven't done much with TWZ yet since I started to work fulltime. I can only do so much in the weekend while trying to get a good rest from all the work. Some of you might notice the new stuff that I have posted on my art section in Steam. I'm working on a mod that change all the survivors to their zombie counterparts. I wanted to learn how to rig and it doesn't require a lot of time like TWZ. It is just a small side project and I find the idea hilarious so I did it.

BTW, I stopped my project for Brain Bread 2. It requires too much time which I don't have atm... I really want to complete TWZ before this year ends and I hope I manage to pull this off! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lack of freetime & solutions.

I haven't posted anything latetly since I was gone for a while and having some real life stuff going on that consumes most of my freetime now for example my new fulltime job that I got :S To balance this a bit out I planned to buy a new PC for a faster workflow.

The current problem I'm facing is the price increasement for some PC components like graphic cards and rams... Most of the graphic cards are gone due to the new mining hype. (If you don't know what I'm taking about just google "mining bitcoin") The best graphic cards are too expensive for me now so I need to find some alternatives :( I might as well build my own PC to save some bucks.

So most of my current freetime is doing research about each components and finding the best one that I can afford. Well, it's time to say goodbye to my potato PC :)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Rising Danger v0.15 - Hallway II

Hello folks! I have continued my work on Rising Danger and designed another hallway that leads to the office and living quarters. I decided to make this hallway a bit more modern, but BB2 lack on sci-fi textures so I needed to improvise.

I have been playing with a lot of metal textures and light textures. Most of the light textures needed illum mask so I created my own mask. Illum mask is just an alpha mask in the light texture which shows the engine which part of the light texture glows and how strong the glow should be. In this picture below I have completed the brushwork for the hallway:

This looks very good, but too clean and empty... for a ZOMBIE game heh! So I needed to breath life into this empty hallway.
The first problem is that players don't have anything to cover themselves in a gunfight so I created an e-field wall and it looks pretty cool!
The rest went pretty fast and the final result is this:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Outside VIII - Abandoned House - TWZ v0.70 & Grass

Hello! This time I'm working on a street with some random houses! This street will have a collapsed tunnel that is connected to the area with the hospital which you can only reach through the underground area! I have been tweaking the light_environment entity alot to get the best result.

The only problem I have is the grass :( I have been using the color correction feature to get fresh green color for the grass, but I think there is a better way which is modifying the grass texture itself and make it darker so you can still see it with post processing off and the level won't look too green.

Well, for now I have completed this house with garden and everything. This interesting setup on the pic looks like someone wanted to break in or escape from above:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Rising Danger v0.10 - Hallway

Hi folks! Sry, for the lack of updates! I have been very busy due to some RL stuff and I also have reorganized all the official Contagion Servers last week.
This time I have to continue my work on the BB2 map. I have finalized the main hallway and it looks pretty good.

As always I like to use a lot of dead bodies and blood to make it more believable.
It took me a while to think how I can fill this empty hallway, but I finally completed this section:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Outside VII - TWZ v0.68

Hi! I'm finally done with this! Every building was made from scratch and it was a real pain in the ass! The electronic store looks finally like a real one lol. Modified a lot of props and created the sign to make it looks much more realistic. I hope you like the overall atmosphere in TWZ:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Rising Danger v0.05 - Military Section

Hi! It's time to tell you a bit about the gameplay I have in mind with this map.
My goal in this project is to make a more challenging, but fair map with at least 2 different routes.

Weapons and ammo should be much more restricted imo and with a longer respawn time.
In my opinion BB2 lacks a lot on the teamwork aspect since you just need to kill stuff.

I will also add some playerfriendly elements into this map. For example, zombies only respawn near dead corpses instead just randomly.
This will boost up the immersion a bit since it is more logical to see them spawn near some corpses :)

Well, to get you a better picture I manage to complete my first sneak peek for this project:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rising Danger - A story map for BrainBread 2!

Hello folks! It's time to help out the BB2 team with my third project! This is my first BrainBread 2 map and it will be designed for the new upcoming story gamemode. This map will be splitted into 2 chapters. It is possible to load the next stage like in those left 4 dead 2 campaigns where you still have all your weapons and stuff from the last chapter which is a pretty cool feature imo. Having this awesome feature means that I can go wild and make as much detail or interactive stuff as I want cause I can split my map however I want.

Rising Danger is an underground map combined with a bit of military and sci-fi themed flavour since BrainBread 2 is all about cyber implant and high-tech stuff. BrainBread 2 is a free mod which also uses a lot of contents from other source games. I will try my best to mix those contents together and turn it into something fresh and unique.

So, before creating a new map I need to plan ahead which means looking for references, figuring out the objectives (at least the main objectives) and sketching my map layout. Even if it's a little time consuming to create a map layout it will be very useful when you starting to work on your map. For example I'm working on 2 projects atm and I just need to compare my map with the layout to know where I stand at the moment and what I still need to do.

Ok, that's enough of talk for now lol. Here is the map layout for Rising Danger:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Outside VI - TWZ v0.66

What a bloody mess! I warned you not to sleep outside! You just turned yourself into a free meal ticket for the zombies: